Bhutan Tourist Requirements

Every visitor to Bhutan requires a tourist visa. As per government regulations, visas for Bhutan can only be arranged by registered local tour operators in Bhutan, such as Bhutan Soul Journey. For the visa application process, you need to be aware: that passports have at least six months validity at the point of arrival in Bhutan, that purchased air ticket information is required, that visas will only be processed upon payment of tour package cost, as per rules. We will need to receive a copy of your client’s valid passport via email, we will than process the visa application. The Bhutan visa confirmation letter will be sent to you, and based on this letter, your client’s actual Bhutan visa will be stamped on arrival at Paro airport. Therefore, it is very important to carry this letter copy along with them at all times.

Customs officials are very courteous and rarely open a tourist's baggage. On arrival you complete a customs declaration form. The main purpose is to ensure that anything brought into the country iis not re-exported. It is important that this form is produced on departure. The export of antiques and wildlife products is strictly prohibited.

There is no airport tax on departure from Paro. All areas outside Thimphu and Paro valley require travel permits, which will be arranged by us.

The Minimum dailypackages is since 20/6 renamed to Sustainable Development Fee and will be USD 200 per person per day

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