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Nestled in the Himalayan mountain ranges, Bhutan is a small kingdom that pursues the goal of Gross National Happiness – a philosophy that aims to provide a holistic approach to development while balancing material and non-material values. At Bhutan Soul Journey, our aim is to take visitors on a memorable journey through our beautiful country while providing a highly curated wellness travel experience. As a licensed Bhutanese tour operator that offers highly customized tour packages to individual and groups visiting Bhutan, Bhutan Soul Journey provides an authentic and memorable experience and ensures that our guests are able to enjoy their journey to Bhutan beyond their expectations. With dedicated and professional staff, we maintain uncompromising standards so that our clients can experience Bhutan at its very best. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end professional services for visa, flight, and itinerary packages. With Bhutan Soul Journey, your clients will discover our country in all its richness, splendor, and authenticity. We look forward to working with you! Tashi Delek!

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